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What Tires Are Made In The USA

Suppose you want to buy tires produced in the United States. In that case, you should realize that most unfamiliar worldwide tire producers have plants in America. There are just two authentic American brands: Goodyear and Cooper. The most prominent foreign tire organizations with plants in the U.S. incorporate Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, and Yokohama. 

In this article, we will research about what tires are made in the USA.

Which Tires Are American Made?


  • TreadWright Tires – American’s own tough LT/SUV tires in Houston, Texas.
  • Cooper Tires – Eldorado and Mastercraft are two well-known American tire brands that manufacture their products in the United States.
  • G.T. – If you should. It is a Chinese-claimed organization. However, they have an assembling plant in the Carolinas, upholding US Jobs.


  • Atturo, Milestar, Federal and Nankang – Taiwan.
  • Kanti and Delium – Indonesia.
  • Kenda – Taiwan, China, and Vietnam (anyplace, however, the USA).
  • Americus and Thunderer – Thailand.
  • Sutras, Venom, Westlake, Ironman, Travelstar and Road one – China.

Since we have revealed some insight into the subject, consider the possibility that you need to dig further into other brands. How might you let me know if your tires are made here in the USA? Assuming they are truly American-made tires, you will see the “Made in the USA” gladly stepped on those delightful sidewalls. A few organizations will attempt to conceal their starting points with names like “Americus” or “Government”. In any case, it’s not difficult to check the DOT codes, which you can gaze upward.

The Most Effective Method To Spot Tires Made In The USA

Fortunately, regardless of whether a tire is made in the USA is somewhat simple to detect – assigning the put of assembling on the actual tire is required! You can distinguish where a tire is produced by looking at the tire’s DOT (Department of Transportation) code. After the letters “Dab”, you’ll see the Tire Identification Number (TIN), which has a couple of parts in it (see the realistic). 

After the letters “Dab”, the principal ID number recognizes the assembling plant that the tire came from. We’ve recorded those I.D.s for the American offices of different tire producers beneath, so you know how to detect American made tires! The remainder of the DOT string distinguishes tire size, maker, and creation date.

Our Findings

Two significant American makers are creating the vast majority of their tires in the USA: Cooper and Goodyear. Under them, they have a few auxiliary brands that they have procured throughout the long term (some of which we will cover). Likewise, many little tire creators deliver great items in speciality markets like rough terrain and road contests. We’ll turn out all of this from there. The sky is the limit! The following is a glance at our top proposals.

Top Recommendations

  • Best Tires Headquarters
  • Cooper Tires Findlay, OH
  • Mickey Thompson Stow, OH
  • Dick Cepek Stow, OH
  • Goodyear Tire Akron, OH
  • Carlisle Scottsdale, AZ

The Most Effective Method To Identify Tires Made In The USA

You can realize where a tire was made by looking at its DOT code. After the letters DOT, you will see the Tire Identification Number (TIN). The principal set of letters or potentially numbers is the plant code. You can look at the code with the assistance of this rundown.

Likewise, a few tires have “Made in the USA” (or another nation) shaped onto their sidewall.

NOTE: Pay consideration that plant codes don’t utilize the accompanying letters: G, I, O, Q, S, and Z. They seem to be 0, 1, 5, and 2. As the code is typically minimized by unique letters/numbers, specialists eliminated these letters to stay away from disarray.

New three-image plant codes will be required beginning April 13, 2025, according to the United States Government Publishing Office. Creators can use two- and three-image codes till then.

Tires Made In The USA: All-American Brands

All-American brands are made in the USA and not bought by unfamiliar organizations or converged with them. For instance, BFGoodrich was purchased by the French producer Michelin, and Firestone is presently essential for the Japanese brand Bridgestone. Albeit such brands can, in any case, be called American, they currently have a place with unfamiliar organizations. Despite this, even utilized Bridgestone tires are much of the time used in different nations.

Top-5 Foreign Companies Owning Facilities In The USA

The biggest tire makers offering tires made in the USA are:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Mainland
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama.


Michelin is a French organization making tires worldwide and began doing as such in the U.S. in 1950. They have an exceptionally colossal creation presence in South Carolina. Here are their U.S. Spot codes to pay special attention to:

  • 4M, M3 – Greenville, South Carolina
  • B6 – Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • B7 – Dothan, Alabama
  • B9 – Lexington, South Carolina

A portion of their auxiliaries that they have gained over the years incorporate organizations like BFGoodrich, Kleber, Kormoran, Riken, Tigar, and Uniroyal.


Mainland hailed from Germany and got everything rolling as far as possible back in 1871. They didn’t begin investigating the U.S. until over 100 years, some other time when they purchased General Tire and Rubber Company in 1987. From that point forward, they got established in the U.S. Here are the Continental U.S. Speck codes that you can search for:

  • 6B, A3 – Vernon, Illinois
  • A9 – Bryan, Ohio
  • A – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Promotion – Mayfield, Kentucky
  • V.Y. – South Sumter, South Carolina


Pirelli is a one-two punch – they are an Italian producer and are possessed by a Chinese organization called ChemChina. They have an enormous impression across the globe (offices in 13 nations) and keep a couple of creation offices in the U.S. Here are the Pirelli U.S. Speck codes to search for on their tires:

  • C.H. – Hanford, California
  • C.K. – Madison, Tennessee
  • J.R. – Rome, Georgia
  • Dunlop Tires

Dunlop was established in England in the last part of the 1800s and is possessed by Goodyear. They sell their tires in North America, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe.


Bridgestone tires are manufactured in Japan, which also happens to be the world’s largest tire producer. Tires for anything from bicycles to business vehicles and vacation trailers are made by them. They originally arrived in the United States in the late 1960s and immediately established themselves. U.S. Dab codes for Bridgestone tires:

  • 0B, W2, Y2 – Wilson, North Carolina
  • 1C, H.Y. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 2C, 4D, 5D – Morrison, Tennessee
  • 2M, 3M – Bloomington, Illinois
  • 7X, 8X, 9X – Graniteville, South Carolina
  • 8B, VE, YE, YU – Des Moines, Iowa
  • D2, E3, W1, Y7 – Lavergne, Tennessee
  • YD – Decatur, Illinois


Yokohama is another Japanese tire manufacturer with only one assembly office in the United States, in Salem, Virginia (DOT code is CC). They, like Bridgestone, expanded into America in the late 1960s.

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The Difference Between American-Made And Foreign-Made Tires

There is typically no distinction if discussing homegrown and unfamiliar offices of one brand. Since tire brands control their creation in all nations, the outcomes are very similar, as per Modern Tire Dealer. The organizations supply their offices with the materials, fabricating innovation, and gear similarly. Experts lead identical tests with similar principles.

Notwithstanding, every organization has its procedures for accomplishing a specific tire highlight. If you think about tires made in the USA by various makers, you will track down contrasts.


The above article offers you reactions to all inquiries: What tires are made in the USA. The above data will help you have a more robust understanding and an excellent decision in a perfect world. Visit my site to get more tips and vital information about managing your vehicle.