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What Is Road Force Tire Balancing? Any Benefits Of It?

If you happen to own a car, bumpings on the road are something you might be familiar with. It is because of the inconsistent manufacturing, leading to tires and wheels with different stiffness and weights. As a result, whenever your vehicle starts moving, the vibrations will be overwhelming.

When confronted with such a problem, mechanics would ask you to consider road force balancing. But what is road force tire balancing supposed to do? In the article below, let’s learn the ins and outs of this technique.

Benefits Of Road Force Balancing

A road force balancer is capable of measuring the force given out by both the tire and wheel. Using a roller placed against the spinning tire’s tread to mimic the pressure of the car body, the balancer effectively pinpoints the force variation and runout of the gadget. From there, mechanics will decide between the two scenarios. They can remount the tire and wheel assembly, or they can add even more weights.

Thus, it can bring about the following advantages:

  • Smooth driving experience: By eliminating the unwanted reverberation from tire runout and wheel-mounting error, your vehicle is less likely to jerk on the street.
  • Longer lifespan for tires: A balancer can reduce the treadwear and lengthen the durability of your car’s components.
  • Easy problem solving: In most cases, persistent vibrations come from the tire. Instead of waiting for hours in the garage trying to understand why your ride discomfort arises, a quick road force balancing will handle it all. It can easily diagnose the source of trouble and give it a quick fix.

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Is Road Force Balancing Worth It?

While road force balancing is a highly recommended service for cars, it is not a must-have. Sure, you might want to try out this procedure if an OEMs-equivalent level of ride comfort is what you wish for. Or, in case your vehicle has experienced rattling and jostling frequently, road force balancing can solve the problem. But besides that, regular balancing will suffice for regular drivers. There is no need to stretch yourself unless you really feel the need to have it done.

How Much Does It Cost To Force Road Balance Tires?

How Much Does It Cost To Force Road Balance Tires

The price tag varies from one store to another, but you should expect somewhere around $25-30 for each tire. The cost involves dismounting and spinning tires, which usually takes up half an hour. 

What Do Road Force Balance Numbers Mean?

Road force balance numbers determine the form of a tire and wheel assembly. Specifically, it calculates how not-round the assembly is, which is closely related to the vibration it emits. Some models require road force variations under a fixed threshold (for example, 18-20lbs) to function properly. Others can run comfortably even when the road force is slightly higher.

Ideally, the lower the road force vibration is, the more effortless your car’s ride quality is. 

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What Causes Tires To Vibrate?

There are many factors contributing to this situation. Sometimes, unevenly distributed treadwear is the reason why. Whether your car is driving fast or slowly, the vibration can easily be felt on the wheel. Other times, the static imbalance of the tire and wheel assembly makes the car wobble visibly. If you notice these signals, make sure to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. 


Now that you have finished this guideline, hopefully, the question “What is road force tire balancing?” no longer keeps you bothered. If you think these tips and tricks have been helpful, feel free to forward them to fellow car-owners!