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Are Toyo Tires Worth Your Money?

Whether you’re an auto enthusiast or just a regular commuter, you’ll always need reliable tires for your vehicle. Such tires have to be able to handle jagged rocks, muddy roads, slippery surfaces, sand, and hard-packed surfaces. However, a reliable set of car tires for off-roading is costly, and the budgets options tend to be made of poor quality, which means that you can not rely on them to deliver you safely to your location.

Fortunately, Toyo Tires is the company that decided to step in to develop tires that strike a balance between affordability and quality. They manufacture a wide selection of affordable and high-quality tires with cutting-edge technologies and an advanced supply chain, from all-season to summer tires. Toyo tires are specifically built for many different trips, from camping trips to hiking expeditions. Toyo Tires has genuinely become the leading market for the tire manufacturing industry due to its determination and dedication to delivering great products.

A brief history of Toyo tire & how it conquers the U.S. market

Who makes Cooper Tires?

The history of Toyo Tires dates back to 1945, when the Founding president, Mr. Rikimitsu Tohimisa, with a progressive vision for the future of tire-making technologies, created the Toyo Tire & Rubber Co, Ltd. in Japan. In 1966, Toyo Tires established a subsidiary in the United States, a small office located in Southern California that focused on distributing commercial truck tires. In 1975, Toyo Tires began manufacturing and supplying tires for passenger cars, and their market started to expand in the United States.

When was Toyota founded?

During the 1980s, Toyo tires began to compete with other United States tire manufacturers in road racing. Their products were so successful that any drivers using Toyo products had won the championship titles at the end of that decade. After its newfound success, Toyo Tires expanded its sponsorship to nearly every form of road racing. As a result, Toyo Tires has become the most well-known brand amongst professional racers. Their office is located in Cypress, California, and Toyo Tires’ distribution is supported by million square feet of factories from Georgia to Texas.

The qualities that define Toyo tires as the best mid-range tires

Based on the reviews of many car owners across the United States, it is certain the Toyo tires have delivered far and beyond what is considered to be mid-range tires. Toyo tires are equipped with several advanced tire technologies, with the best traction, durability, and resilience. More notable technologies include Nano balance technology, Rubber balance technology, and Toyo Silent technology. Toyo developed all the above technologies to deliver some of the best tires that money can buy. And it is indeed shown in their website and customer reviews. There is a variety of reason why you should consider choosing Toyo Tires as your travel companion, which is as follow:

  • Superb traction: Toyo tires are well-known for their outstanding performance in the traction department. Toyo Tires always deliver the best grip and handling regardless of which terrain you are driving in. 
  • There is a huge selection of types, sizes, styles, and specialties: Whether driving a truck or an S.U.V., Toyo Tires will always find the tires that suit your needs. Toyo Tires also manufactures racing tires, so if you want to be a competitive racer, then Toyo tires might be your best bet. 
  • Budget-friendly: Perhaps Toyo tires are so popular because of their affordable nature. Toyo Tires already perform better and last longer than many mid-ranger tires.
  • Fuel efficient: Toyo tires have a minimal rolling resistance, meaning that your car does not have to spend more energy than it should to keep these tires rolling, saving your money on fuel costs. This results in a low CO2 admission which also helps protect the environment. 
  • Strong focus on sustainability: Toyo’s investment in tire manufacturing does not base solely on profits. The company understands the impact of the tire manufacturing sector on the environment. Recently, they have decided to stop using thermal energy sources, which reduce carbon emissions by 15%. Toyo has also invested heavily in recycling technologies, transforming rubber wastes into usable tires.

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Nano Balance technology – the technology that revolutionizes Toyo tire.

Nano balance technology is the technology that is unique to the Toyo Corporation. The technologies combine the properties of the materials with many different kinds of analysis methods to point out the exact properties of the rubber compounds with high precision.

To fully understand the importance of this technology, we should understand the fundamental aspect of rubber. Rubber production results from adding fillers and components to the base material. Every part directly affects the final product and thus requires careful monitoring of its type and quantity. Nano balance technology supports rubber production by making high-precision predictions over rubber formulations, resulting in better rubber consistency. A better rubber consistency helps achieve a tire that comes with high durability and negligible rolling resistance, which improves the energy efficiency of vehicles. 

A.T.O.M. – The next evolution of tire production technology      

A.T.O.M. (advance tire operation module) is the new production method that creates “jointless” tire parts. For the conventional tire producing method, tire parts such as treads are connected by a “joint,” making the tire unbalanced. In contrast, the A.T.O.M. production method does not create a “joint,” which improves the tires’ uniformity and increases the tire’s balance. 

Toyo Tires’ contribution to the future of non-pneumatic tires

The neo-futuristic airless concept tire (or noair) is Toyo Tires’ answer to the demands for non-pneumatic tires. “Noir” non-pneumatic tires are superior to their competitors because they can be mounted on passenger cars and driven higher than usual. “Noir” tiers are designed so that you will never worry about your tires getting flat. Carrying a spare tire is also unnecessary, reducing the vehicle’s overall weight and improving fuel efficiency. “Noir” tires are also not air-inflated, so there is no need to check the tires’ air pressure during your travel. And lastly, “Noir” tires are special but still maintain all the qualities that regular Toyo tires have: rolling resistance and excellent traction. “Noir” tires, without a doubt, are the future of tire-making technology.

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Tire Noise Reduction Technology and how it makes Toyo tires quieter

In 2018, Toyo Tires developed a new device that significantly reduces the sound of their tires, which is called “Toyo silent technology.” With the discovery of resonance within the tire cavities, an arch-shaped perforated film device is mounted inside the tire, enhancing noise-reduction effects.

Conclusion: Are Toyo Tires worth your money?

Generally, Toyo Tires are worth it for the cost alone. Having a durable set of tires that remain elastic in the harsh condition of winter at a reasonable price is already a massive deal for many customers in the Northern hemisphere. They also have a strong presence in car and truck shows, with served as evidence of their strong reputation. Toyo Tires can always meet your demands, whether you are getting regular tires or sports tires.