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How To Find The Right Size Tire For Your Dodge

Not all car tires are created equal. Driving your Dodge with the wrong set of tires can affect your vehicle’s protection and performance. So, in this article, we will find the answer to How To Find The Right Size Tire For Your Dodge by determining your tire size and learning how to read the tire size sequence.

Step 1: Identifying Your Vehicle’s Tire Size

If you are new to tire buying, it is acceptable to begin by consulting your owner’s guide to decide the particular manufacturer-encouraged tire length. Don’t sweat it in case your guide is MIA. Car corporations make sure that encouraged tire length is straightforward to locate and indexed in numerous locations interior of your automobile so that you need to realize in which to look. Check the doorjamb at the driver’s side, glove field lid, or internal fuel line tank hatch.

Suppose your automobile or truck is geared up with the precise tire length and wishes for a substitute set. In that case, you could additionally discover this fact on any of your already-established tire sidewalls.

Step 2: Understanding Tire Size Sequence

If you are a tire sizing novice, looking to decode your automobile’s tire length quantity might also additionally sense like trying to examine an overseas language. Standard tire length is proven in a seven-component collection. Let’s study an instance tire length collection for a RAM 1500 Sport: P 275/60 R20 114S.

First Half of the Series

P vs. LT

The first letter withinside the tire length collection denotes what form of the automobile the tire is built. A P designates a tire made for a passenger automobile. It consists of sedans including the Dodge Dart, minivans including the Dodge Grand Caravan, SUVs including the Dodge Durango, and mild-obligation pickup trucks. LT tires are made to haul heavy-obligation hundreds and are generally used for pulling trailers or industrial trucks.

On a few tires, the collection of numbers starts with a letter. “P” stands for “P-metric” and denotes a passenger automobile.[3] “LT” stands for mild truck, “T” way transient spare, and “C” stands for industrial. If you are shopping for a spare or new tire, you will want to pick out the equal provider kind because of the relaxation of the tires.[4]

Tire Length Width

The first quantity you will see (earlier than the cut down) is your tire length-width measured in millimeters. Our instance width shows that the tires we are searching for must be 275 millimeters from sidewall to sidewall.

The 3-digit quantity earlier than cut down denotes the tire width similar to the tread that contacts the street. All four tires have to have equal width.

For instance, if the primary quantity is 225, the tire tread is 225 mm wide.

Tire Top To Width

The quantity following the cut down stands for the tire’s top off the rim divided through its width. The issue ratio compares the tire’s segment top with the tire’s segment width. This quantity stages from the 60s to the mid-70s: a tire with a 60 collection ratio gives elevated managing abilities compared to tires with issue ratios over 70.

Second Half Of The Series


The subsequent letter following the issue ratio explains the tire’s production with both an R for radial or a D for diagonal; B” stands for belted bias. Most tires withinside the US show an R for radial. Choose new tires with equal casing and production because of the relaxation. For instance, if there’s a “50” after the cut-down, the tire’s segment top is 50% of the tire’s segment width.

Wheel Diameter

This subsequent tire length metric measures the diameter of the wheel rim. To be extra particular, if the quantity is 17, your rims are 17 inches (43.2 cm) in diameter.

Load Index

The load index of a tire shows the most weight the tire can uphold at the most helpful pressure. With index numbers starting from 1 to 150, our one hundred forty-four is on the heftier give up of the corresponding index, making feel for a pickup with the capacity to tow. Of course, this quantity is simply consultant and corresponds to more than one hundred forty-four pounds.

The load index quantity is related to a load index chart and no longer lets you know the burden in pounds.

Speed Score

The letter that concludes the tire length collection stands for a velocity score of how much velocity the tire can handle. A tire rated H shows speeds of as much as one hundred thirty mph for sports activities sedans, including the Dodge Dart. Our R score indicates as much as 106 mph and is standard for mild truck tires.

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Tips On Tire Types

Once you parent out your tire length, deciding on tire kind depends on your riding. Thus, you can find aid in your automobile or truck’s overall performance. You could need to equip your car with summertime season or wintry weather tires in preference to standard all-season tires.

You can be enthusiastic about the overall performance of your automobile and riding styles. They offer more excellent grip or off-street tires with superior heavy-obligation production for touring rugged terrain.

A tire professional at Freehold Dodge can assist in manual you to the precise tire kind for you and your automobile. For extra facts approximately how to outfit your Dodge with new tires, go to our tire offerings web page or our nearby provider middle in Freehold, NJ.

Freehold, Farmingdale, and Monroe Township drivers, bear in mind to have your tires turned around two times every 12 months or every 5,000 miles. Schedule an appointment online for a tire change, rotation, or restore with Freehold Dodge today!

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Choosing the right size tires will help the vehicle operate more efficiently and balance. So we’ve created this Dodge tire guide so you can keep rolling wherever your Dodge takes you. Determine your tire size and read the tire size sequence carefully to choose the right tire.