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How To Get A Spare Tire Down Without The Tool (Two Methods You Need To Know)

It’s critical to have a functioning spare tire in your car, whether on a road trip or stopping at the community centre. It’s also critical to remove the tire from beneath the vehicle in emergencies. So, how to get a spare tire down without the tool?

Some vehicles come equipped with equipment to lower the spare tire and change it rapidly. If the tool isn’t available for some reason, you can still bring the tire down and get back on the road quickly. Every mechanic can take them apart, but you can easily follow the instructions. Anyone who has used a tool in their life can use them to handle this.

Two Methods To Get A Spare Tire Down Without The Tool

With the right equipment and process, this shouldn’t be too difficult a task. There are two methods to lower the spare tire on the vehicle. Each method uses different tools. Which equipment you have on hand will determine whether to use either method.

Method one: Involves removing the key from the spare tire lowering unit and using the spare tire tools to lower the tire. If you lack factory keys, you’ll need some standard tools like pliers, small pieces of wood, and an optional help hand.

Method two: The second method is more common than the first. You need another set of tools, including a hammer, 14mm socket, expansion, and socket wrench.

Below are detailed step-by-step instructions for two methods to help you lower your spare tire quickly without tools.

Before you get a spare tire down without the tool

Determine whether your car has a spare tire

Before reading our instructions, remove the rectangular plastic cover under the passenger side of your vehicle’s license plate to check for the spare tire. If you can see a crucial entry beneath the plastic surface, your car has a spare tire.

Obtain the Required Materials

You’ll get a spare tire down without a ‘tool’ doesn’t mean you’ll do it with your bare hands. You’ll still need some items to make up for the missing key.

Position the car on a flat, stable surface

Experts advise against changing tires on a slope. When lowering a spare tire, the same advice applies. Vehicles parked on an elevation are more prone to roll backward, endangering the person underneath the car.

Apply the handbrake after that. If you find yourself on the roadside, turn on the emergency lights. If your vehicle is manual, put it in gear or park it (if automatic). Ensure no one is inside the car and secure all wheels with chocks or other heavy objects.

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How To Get A Spare Tire Down Without The Tool From Trucks?

Different tools are used in each procedure. As a result, your choice will be determined by the equipment available.

The First Method

You’ll need some standard equipment like joint pliers, small pieces of wood, and an optional helping hand to remove the spare tire by following the procedures below.

Step 1: Get Under the Truck

As you may know, the tire hangs from the truck’s underbelly toward the back. As a result, you’ll have to go underground to acquire entry.

Remember that safety comes first before getting under the truck. Therefore, make sure you park the vehicle properly on a flat surface with all brakes applied. 

Step 2: Pull the Guide Tube out of the way

Under the vehicle, locate the guide tube. Near the tire, there is a long black plastic pipe. To uncover the spare tire drop mechanism, twist the line back and forth while drawing it towards the vehicle’s back.

Step 3: Between the tire and the vehicle, place a wedge.

Move to the truck’s passenger side and pull down the tire on this side, inserting the wood between the truck bed frame and the top of the tire. You might need extra help to put in the wood as you keep the tire down at this point.

Step 4: Use pliers to remove the key

Put your palm through the gap made by the wood to feel for the key to the spare tire drop mechanism. When you discover it, use the jack or operating pliers to pull it out.

Step 5: Bring the Tire Down to the Ground

Once the key is removed, the hole left behind is nearly identical to the jack crank. As a result, you can lower and remove the spare tire with the factory tire tools.

The Second Method

The second strategy is much different from the first. As a result, you’ll require a unique set of tools, including a 14mm socket.

  • Hammer.
  • Extender.
  • Wrench for sockets
  • Screwdriver, flathead

Follow the procedures below to lower the spare tire using the tools mentioned above.

Step 1: Connect the Extender to the Socket

To the Extender, connect the 14mm socket. Any low-end socket will suffice. It’s also good to use a long enough extender to reach the spare tire from the bumper. Aim for a 60–70 cm-long extension.

Step 2: Accessible the Socket Through the Back Bumper

The key is directly accessible through the hole when inserting the socket into the license plate’s left (or right, on the truck) hole.

Step 3: Using the Hammer, hit the Extender a few times

When the socket touches the key, strike the extension with a hammer. The socket is pushed over the key when you hit the Extender, giving you a better grip.

Four to five hammer strokes should be enough. Do not use too much force with the hammer to avoid damaging the drop assembly. 

Step 4: Lower the tire by turning the socket counterclockwise.

Turn the extension counterclockwise with a wrench with the socket firmly in position. The drop assembly key looks like the one used to tighten wheel lug nuts. As a result, it will rotate in lockstep with the socket.

Step 5: Take the Key out of the socket

The key will be loose when the tire hits the ground, and you may take it out. Remove the Extender and pry the nut out of the socket with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 6: Remove the tire from the hoist

You can’t use the tire until it’s detached from the hoist, which you can do now. Reach inside the massive hole in the centre of the wheel to disconnect the tire. Next, find the metal flange linked to the cable and turn it vertically out of the rim.

Finally, a jack crank may fit into the hole left by the key. Place the crank through the opening near the license plate until it reaches the key’s spot. To raise the hoist again, turn the crank clockwise.

How To Get A Spare Tire Down Without The Tool From Chevrolet Truck?

Step 1: Slide Underneath The Bumper

Consider where the spare tire is located. Alternatively, you can get down on your knees and examine underneath the car. Fix your gaze on the vehicle’s back end. A bulge will protrude downwards from there. You’re going to lower the spare tire.

The spare tire will be located directly behind the tow hitch bar and beneath the bumper. By placing your hand against the bulge, you may double-check that it’s a spare tire. The trenches on the tire will confirm that you’ve found it.

Step 2: Replace The Ignition Key

Insert the ignition key into the hole beneath the plastic cover you discarded earlier. You can detach the key from the spot by dragging it towards you. That is necessary since it will allow you to secure the assembly at the back of your vehicle.

Step 3: Open The Jack Kit

Obtain the crowbar and a few rods. There will be a broader termination to one of the roadways. The ‘female’ end is how mechanics refer to this end. You will insert this end of the rod into the hole revealed by the ignition key in the previous stage.

Step 4: Connect the second rod to the female end rod

That will assist you in two ways. It will allow you to connect the pulley’s male end to the female rod. You’ll also have enough room to remove the bumper.

Make sure the female end rod and the second rod are perfectly aligned. After that, insert this end into the hole.

Step 5: Attach the Crowbar to the opposite end

One end of the rod should now be in the hole. The crowbar should now have the other end remaining out of the bumper. Turn the crowbar in an anti-clockwise direction after that.

You may now swivel the pulley and, as a result, the spare tire to the ground. Continue rotating as long as the spare tire isn’t completely flat.

Step 6: Separate the Pulley Carrier from the Rim

That will allow you to remove the tire from underneath the vehicle. Maintain one hand on the tire and the other on the rim’s central gap. Pull both ends apart and away from the apex with full force.

It’s not easy to get a spare tire down without the tool. The process will take approximately an hour and require much effort for an amateur. It is, nevertheless, better to have the option of waiting hours on the side of the road for help. You should be able to complete this assignment as a consequence.


Lowering the spare tire without tools is not quite as simple. It can take much effort, and the whole process will take about a few hours for an inexperienced amateur. However, it’s better than waiting for hours by the roadside for help. Therefore, you should practice a lot to complete this task. I hope after you read this article you will know how to get a spare tire down without the tool.

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