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Can You Drive A Right Hand Drive Car In The USA?

Can You Drive A Right Hand Drive Car In The USA? Is It Legal? The definition of the steering wheel lying on the left in the United States, and most European and American countries in general, appears to have become an obvious thing. Can you, however, drive a right-hand drive car in the United States? Yes, you can, and it’s entirely legal.

Of course, when you use these cards, you must follow the same traffic laws as normal vehicles. The essay will give you in-depth and fascinating information on the subject at hand. Let’s get right down to business!

Can You Drive A Right Hand Drive Car In The USA?

What Is The Best Way To Purchase A Handlebar Car In The United States? People have a majority mentality as a result of the poll, which follows the framework’s consistency. So, if you’re looking for a practical handlebar automobile in the United States, you have two options:

Automobile for the post office or a vintage car

You might wish to start by purchasing RHD cars, as the postal service relies on them mostly for work. Fortunately, you may now buy and possess them as well. Get to the nearest Jeep dealer as soon as possible for assistance. Try to locate the manufacturer’s official authorized retailers, as they will be stocked with both old and new items for you to choose from.

The new intact RHD cars will be quite costly; the price ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 70,000, depending on the manufacturer. Used automobiles start at $9,000 and go up from there. If you decide to acquire a secondhand car, you need thoroughly inspect the mechanical parts for issues to avoid damage.


For your reference, importing a car is also an excellent idea. However, please import only after you have thoroughly researched and comprehended the US import and export legislation. Under American law, it is illegal for anybody under the age of 25 to purchase or import a car from another country. Those who defy the police are subject to seizure or destruction by competent persons. Although the rule does not prevent you from importing new RHD cars from Japan and the United Kingdom, you can also import older models to be sure and satisfy your delight.

Is It Possible To Convert My Car From LHD To RHD?

Aside from buying or importing a right-hand car, you can convert an existing LHD vehicle to RHD. Some people have the time and meaning to pursue this option, and there are two options.

DIY method

You can manually change your car for a few thousand dollars and a conversion kit is a cost-effective option. The following are the steps in a conversion process:

  • Transferring the control panel system
  • Redistribution of racks and gears 
  • Replacing the gear shift knob 
  • Adjustable side mirror widget and viewing angle

Although the procedures sound straightforward, we strongly advise you not to undertake them if you lack expertise and ability. It will take time, and if mistakes are made, it may even be dangerous. The most basic and accessible DIY technique is to use car conversion kits. They are inexpensive and produce the intended effect, but they are not the most attractive way to convert your car.

You can also undertake a genuine conversion by totally dismantling your automobile, but this is not for the inexperienced DIYer. Converting your vehicle yourself necessitates completely dismantling the interior of your vehicle, which can be time-consuming and dangerous if done incorrectly.

Professional method

Conversion companies are becoming more common in today’s world. You may end up paying roughly $30,000 for the treatment. Buying secondhand RHD vehicles with high-quality parts isn’t worth the money for us. Professional conversion is the safest and quickest choice, but it’s also the most expensive. Having this done to your automobile can cost up to $30,000, so if you only spent a few thousand dollars for it, it may not be worth it.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of RHD Cars In The United States?

The Benefits of Using a Right-Hand Steering Wheel

  • Ensure more safety when the steering wheel is on the side of the road 
  • Parking quickly and easily 
  • Easily converse with people when stopped at red lights 
  • Easily retrieve letters from the mailbox


  • Turning left is difficult due to the inability to discern the direction of other vehicles.
  • Confusion at toll booths
  • When transporting passengers in an RHD vehicle, clients will find it difficult to exit when you stop over.

How to Purchase a Right-Hand Drive Vehicle in the United States

Buying a factory-built right-hand-drive car in the United States is the simplest option. Only a few firms sell factory-built right-hand cars; in fact, certain models are only available in RHD in the US. These models are primarily aimed at postal workers, but vehicle enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that they are also available for purchase by the general public.

You could walk into your Jeep dealership today and drive away with a right-hand drive Jeep Wrangler if you wanted to. A brief internet search for the Jeep Wrangler reveals that new automobile prices range from $20,000 to $60,000, and this model is just one example. You can use an online vehicle finder to look for companies that sell factory-made right-hand cars, both new and used.

While some of the modern RHD automobiles can be rather pricey, auto aficionados will be glad to learn that there are many unique options available to fulfil their right-hand-drive needs. Used car values in this category can range from as low as $9,000 to as high as $95,000, possibly even more than new car values.

If you’re thinking about buying a used automobile, verifying it is an important part of the process, which is why you shouldn’t scrimp on a vehicle history check. You can do one with Autocheck before buying a car to make sure there aren’t any hidden problems with it.

In conclusion

The preceding article is a compilation of questions posed by a large number of people. We have described from the standpoint of specialists, using our professional knowledge. We trust you will find this response satisfactory. Driving an automobile that is right-hand drive appears to be going against the grain. However, if you look at the law, this is perfectly lawful in some nations, including the United States.

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