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Can I Have Different Tires On My Car?

If your tire is punctured or worn, usually replace it with a different type of spare tire. This will make it difficult to control and even threaten the driver. Therefore, mixing tires is dangerous and can also be against the law. This article will provide information on how to combine different tires on the same axle, mix tires with different sizes, and mix seasonal tires.

Mixing tires

You are advised to avoid mixing different types of tires in wheel positions, except in some cases below.

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Can you use tires with different brands on your car?

If the type of tire you need is not available or because of financial difficulties, you can combine different brands of tires. However, be careful to install a pair of tires of the same tread pattern and brand on the same axle. For example, you should install two front tires of the same brand and tread pattern, but the front and rear tires may be different. This will make vehicle control safer and more convenient. As a result, changing tires in pairs is recommended.

What happens if the front tires are different in size from the rear ones?

Make sure both pairs of tires are the same, then maybe the size between the front and rear wheels will be different if the suspension is designed that way.

Factories design some front and rear axles in different sizes with special specifications. Therefore, if you want to reproduce this mixture, careful consideration should ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What if the tires on the same axle are different?

This is not advisable because it will be dangerous. It is illegal to install diagonal or radial tires on one axle in the UK. The same goes for tread pattern, tire size, or tread depth. Therefore, identical tire models, size, brand, depth, or tread patterns must be mounted on the same axle.

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So what about the combination of winter and summer tires?

It would help if you did not mix winter tires with summer or all-season tires because they are designed with specific compounds that perform optimally according to the season. Therefore, if these two compounds are combined, it will lead to a conflict and an imbalance in vehicle control.


If you’re still unsure what type of tires you can use for your vehicle, it is best to contact the manufacturer or check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended tires. I hope this article has been of help to you. If you want to learn more about using different tires, read more detailed reports on our website.