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Are Milestar tires good? (Why You Should Buy Milestar Tires for Your Car?)

Is it time to replace the tires of your car? Or are you on a limited budget and need a cheap tire? The Milestar tires are a good option after that. They’re incredibly cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Milestar tires, I’m here to assist you. I’ve tried to present their history, craftsmanship, feature set, and performance in this essay.

Scroll down to learn more about Milestar tires, including who makes them and why you should trust them for a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable ride.

History of Milestar Tires

Who makes Milestar Tires?

Nankang Tires, a Taiwanese rubber and tire company, manufactures Milestar Tires. The headquarters of Nankang Rubber Tires are in Taipei, Taiwan. Nankang has a long history of producing high-quality, low-cost tires, as they have been in the tire business for a long time. It was one of the first tire firms in Taiwan, formed in 1940. It changed its name to Nankang Tire Corporation after forming a collaboration with Yokohama in 1959. Since then, they’ve only grown in size as they worked to incorporate performance, technology, and quality control into each tire. They now manufacture tires for themselves and other tire manufacturers such as Milestar, Geostar, etc.

Where are Milestar Tires?

For starters, most of them are not created in the United States. The majority of Milestar tires are made at two Taiwanese factories. In Taipei, Taiwan, Nankang Tires produces Milestar tires as a sub-brand. Since 1959, the company has been producing tires. Nankang (the tire producer) has been manufacturing tires in Jiangsu, mainland China, since 2003. It has two sites in Taiwan: Nankang and Hsinfung.

Milestar manufactures and sells tires for ATVs and UTVs and truck, SUV, and passenger car tires. TIRECO manufactures Milestar tires in the United States and Nankang’s other sub-brands, Westlake, Geostar, and Provato. Since 1972, TIRECO has been marketing Nankang tires, wheels, and other items in the United States. Nankang employs over 1,200 people and generates around $300 million in annual revenue.

Milestar commenced production in the United States with the new WeatherGuard AS710 tire release. The WeatherGuard portfolio includes 59 various fitments in 15- to 20-inch diameters for passenger automobiles and crossovers.

Are Milestar Tires Any Good?

Milestar is a well-known maker of high-quality tires that deliver the results you want at a reasonable price. Here are the reasons you should put your trust in them for a secure and comfortable ride:


Milestar’s prices are set in stone, taking into account customers’ financial constraints on a limited budget. Their complete product line is less expensive than the tire market’s competition. Compared to other tire makers, even their high-performance and ultra-high-performance tires are affordable.

Don’t let their low prices mislead you. Their tires are comparable to high-end tires in terms of quality. As a result, you’ll get more for less. It provides incredible value for money, making it a great contender in the finest budget tire market.

Customer Satisfaction

Milestar is constantly attempting to acquire clients by delivering exceptional customer service. Their tires have a 50,000-mile tread life warranty on average. They’re currently working on launching a new warranty scheme to help both customers and distributors. The “30-Day Ride Guarantee” and “The Road Hazard Protection Program” are two of these programs.

The riding guarantee allows you to test the tire for 30 days without hassles. If consumers are dissatisfied with their purchase, they can exchange it for a different set of tires. They can acquire equivalent or lesser value merchandise from the actual place of purchase by showing the original sales ticket, which is completely hassle-free. A free tire repair from an authorized Milestar dealer is included in the road hazard prevention program if damaged due to cuts, punctures, snags, bruises, tears, or impact breaks within the first 12 months of purchase.


The Milestar tires enhance the vehicle’s overall handling by giving drivers complete control. The tires are cleverly built with wide circumferential ribs to promote traction, stability, and road grip. As a result, they will be free to enjoy a smooth and stable ride regardless of the terrain conditions.

Furthermore, siping is included in the tread to combat the impacts of hydroplaning. The tires, once again, have excellent braking ability, even on wet roads, making them incredibly safe. Their unique tread compound and design improve tire traction in all weather conditions. As a result, drivers may have a fantastic ride regardless of the weather.


The entire performance measurement is useless if the tires can’t endure tread wear and tear after a few rides. The Milestar crew is aware of this. As a result, they devise clever design elements such as step-down grooves, which allow the tire to remain firm even when it hits difficult terrain. The tread compound contains silica gel, which extends the life of the tread. Again, this reduces the risk of cut and chip damage. A highly educated panel of experts tests these tires to ensure nothing but excellence. They are only passed when proven to be tough and long-lasting.

What Are the Different Types of Milestar Tires?

To appeal to a wide spectrum of vehicle users and owners, Milestar offers a large assortment of tires separated into three categories: weather conditions, terrain, and vehicle types. Milestar presently offers four tire types, each of which is listed below:

  • Milestar Passenger Tires: 

Milestar offers a full line of passenger tires in various sizes, custom-designed using cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Milestar Passenger tires come in various styles, including All-Season, Ultra-High Performance, and Touring.

  • Milestar Light Truck Tires: 

Milestar by Tireco also offers a complete line of Light Truck tires that can handle a variety of weather and environmental conditions. These tires can take it all, whether it’s raining, snowing, or driving on rock-crawling terrain. Milestar light truck tires are constructed with the most cutting-edge technology and have a solid and durable external body to endure longer.

  • Milestar Commercial Light Truck Tires:  

Milestar has a wide choice of Commercial Light Truck tires for people like you looking for a durable or sturdy tire to withstand common driving challenges while going through the array of risks at a construction site.

  • Milestar Commercial Medium Truck Tires: 

Milestar has a wide choice of Commercial Medium Truck tires explicitly designed for people who often drive off-road job sites or through regional cities with heavy-duty loads on their vehicles.

What is Covered in this Warranty?

Tireco warrants that all tires, tubes, and wheels it sells are free of defects in material and craft, subject to the terms and circumstances listed below. Suppose it is established that your product was defective due to a manufacturing flaw after inspection. We will earn a reasonable allowance for purchase price over current market prices or make other modifications at our discretion.

Only products sold in the United States, US territories, Canada, and Mexico are covered by this warranty. This Standard Limited Warranty is also non-transferable. It does, however, cover the installation of the goods by the original purchaser. Milestone’s coverage includes balancing taxes, so consumers can confidently drive knowing their vehicle is protected.


Milestar provides low-cost, high-quality items with easy replacement. Therefore I recommend you give them a try for your tire replacement. Go for it and have a fun, smooth, and safe driving experience.

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