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Are Goodyear tires good? (Why You Should Buy Goodyear Tires for Your Car?)

New tires may significantly improve the way your vehicle feels and handles on the road. The suitable rubber can provide a more pleasant, bump-absorbing ride, a more stable grip when cornering, or more excellent traction in challenging situations. Goodyear is a dependable brand to trust as one of America’s largest tire manufacturers, offering a wide range of options for nearly every vehicle on the road and a few hundred service centers across the country.

History of Goodyear Tires

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is a significant tire and related product manufacturer for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles in the United States. The company’s headquarters are in Akron, Ohio.

Goodyear began as a rubber corporation in 1898, founded by Charles and Frank Seiberling, and based its products on Paul Litchfield’s tire ideas. After World War I, the company ran into financial difficulties, and the Seiberling brothers were compelled to surrender control.

Passenger tires account for the vast majority of the company’s revenue. Still, it also produces tires for trucks and buses, farm vehicles, industrial equipment, aircraft, and industrial rubber, chemical, and plastic goods. Goodyear was the first to employ polyester cord cloth in tire manufacturing. The corporation also produces enriched uranium for military and commercial purposes and owns agricultural and tourist holdings in the Southwest.

Goodyear has promoted its goods internationally, with foreign sales accounting for more than a quarter of its total revenue. The Goodyear blimp, which has been utilized as a national advertising tool for more than 60 years, is the company’s most recognizable corporate symbol. In the United States, there are three blimps and one in Europe.

Goodyear’s Most Popular Tire Models

Goodyear manufactures high-quality tires for passenger cars and light trucks, and SUVs. However, for daily commuting or off-roading conditions, some Goodyear tires are more popular than others. We listed some of Goodyear’s most popular tire styles below using customer satisfaction statistics from Tire Rack.

  • Goodyear Assurance ComforTred: A calm, cushioned ride is the goal of this all-season touring tire.
  • Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season: An high-performance tire with great handling characteristics developed specifically for NASCAR racing.
  • Goodyear Assurance MaxLife: A typical all-season touring tire with a long tread life and excellent traction for handling dry and rainy roads.
  • Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure: An off-road tire constructed with Kevlar for military-grade durability and designed to resist road conditions.

Customers on Tire Rack gave these Goodyear models a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating, and industry experts praised them. Goodyear both manufactures original equipment (OE) and replacement tires. OE tires are made for a certain vehicle model and enhance the vehicle’s capabilities. Goodyear has produced original equipment tires for several high-end brands, including:

  • Audi
  • BM
  • Nissan
  • Ferrari
  • Maserati
  • Mercedes
  • Land Rover

Goodyear offers tread life warranties ranging from 80,000 miles to 100,000 miles, depending on the model. Most versions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year/24,000-mile auto service warranty from the tire manufacturer. This coverage ensures that it will be redone at no cost to you if a repair fails.

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Why should we choose Goodyear Tires?

Technical Innovations

All-season tires, run-flat tires, and novel rubber compositions adaptable to all types of weather are just a few of Goodyear’s technical breakthroughs. Tires may not change much from year to year, but the science goes into them. Goodyear remains on top of these developments, so you always get a high-quality tire.


Nothing is more aggravating than a flat tire, especially one that manages to discover every nail within a 100-mile radius. Goodyear is known for producing tough tires that have a longer tread life and resist wear and tear on the road.

Noise Considerations 

Goodyear tires provide a smooth, quiet ride even on challenging road surfaces. This makes them suitable for passenger cars and SUVs that will be making a lot of family road trips. If ride quality is important to you, Goodyear tires are the way to go.

Cost of Goodyear Tires

Goodyear tires are generally more expensive than typical because of the high-quality materials, specific designs, and rigorous testing. Some Goodyear versions, such as the Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure, are a cost-effective off-roading choice.

The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife model would cost $136.99 per tire for a 2017 Toyota Camry, a popular passenger vehicle, totaling over $550 for a complete set. Consumer Reports estimates that all-season tires cost between $80 and $120 each.

Goodyear Assurance All-Season

Goodyear Assurance All-Season Price

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season is priced between $70 for a 14-inch fitment and $180 for a 19-inch fitment.

Goodyear Assurance All-Season Warranty

The tread life warranty on the Goodyear Assurance All-Season tire is 65,000 miles. It also comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty covering material and workmanship issues. Tires that are proven to be faulty within the first 2/32-inch of tread wear will be replaced for free. After that, and up to the last 2/32-inch of usable tread life, the tires will be replaced pro-rated.

Is the Goodyear Assurance All-Season Good in the Snow?

This tire was designed by Goodyear for drivers of all types of coupes, sedans, and minivans, and it offers excellent performance at a low price. Goodyear has combined asymmetrical pattern design with an all-season tire compound to provide year-round traction. The larger autonomous shoulder blocks provide responsive driving in wet conditions. Water is carried by four circular grooves, while several biting ridges offer increased traction on snowy surfaces.

In most circumstances, the extra sipes aid to some extent. In thick snowfall, traction may be more difficult to come by. It enhances grip and traction in these situations, but not as effectively as competitors.

Compared to comparable all-season tires, it performs badly, and owners have mixed feelings about winter grip. The Assurance Weather Ready is the tire for you if you need traction in the snow. It’s a four-season tire, which means it’s certified all-season for hard winter use, as evidenced by the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol.

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We granted Goodyear tires a 4.5 out of 5.0-star rating in our 2021 tire industry evaluation and chose the company as our top option for the most durable tires. Goodyear has many tire alternatives, particularly all-terrain vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs. Many drivers prefer it because of its innovative technology, excellent client feedback, and well-known industry reputation. We only wish Goodyear had a few more budget-friendly options.

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