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Are Fury tires good? (Why You Should Buy Fury Tires for Your Car?)

There’s nothing like spending a weekend off-road rock crawling with your raised 4×4 to get your adrenaline pumping. Choose a line with a friend and carefully navigate your way across the ridges. Perhaps slogging through a mud puddle is more your speed. Tires churning, dirt flying, and you’re rocking your way out of that hole by turning the wheel back and forth. In any case, you know how important it is to have high-quality tires like Fury Off-Road Tires on your side. Otherwise, how are you going to get back in time for a cold drink and a nice old-fashioned bench race with your buddies?

History of Fury Tires

Fury Off-Road Tires, founded in 2017, is a relatively new company in a market crowded with well-known names. It has, however, found a way to stand out, and it does so with ease.

Fury is aimed at the show ‘n shine portion of the off-road industry rather than ultimate performance. While this may appear uncommon, and it may even be frowned upon by some, Fury has found a niche for itself, catering to people in need of off-road style.

Fury began consolidating their headquarters and warehouse into a single site in 2019. Fury Tires has moved into a new 75,000 square-foot building in Coppell, Texas. This new location will act as the company’s warehouse as well as the headquarters for the sales and operations staff. The corporation, on the other hand, buys its tires from factories in China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Some Types of Fury Tires

Fury tires are frequently seen on show cars with pristine paint jobs and chrome transfer boxes. The Country Hunter R/T, Country Hunter M/T, and newer Country Hunter M/T 2, as well as the brand’s newest product, the Country Hunter XT, are all part of Fury’s basic and easy-to-understand portfolio for 2020.

  • M/T tires, also known as mud-terrain tires, are all-season tires with an aggressive appearance yet are designed for everyday use. The M/T, which starts at 17 inches and goes up to 28 inches, is designed for show trucks with plus-sized aftermarket wheels. It comes in 18-, 20-, 22-, 24-, 26-, and even 28-inch diameters.
  • The Country Hunter M/T 2 offers even more severe off-road capability while maintaining all of the on-road traction and (probably most crucially) a smooth and quiet ride – something that most mud-terrain tires lack.
  • The Country Hunter R/T, on the other hand, is geared for on-road performance and sacrifices some capability in exchange for a more pleasant and quieter ride. However, only 17-, 18-, 20-, and 22-inch wheels are offered in limited fitments.
  • The Country Hunter X/T, on the other hand, is designed to give an exceptional off-road performance, comparable to an all-terrain rubber, but with a far more comfortable and compliant ride, akin to a traditional all-season tire.

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Are fury tires any good?

The traction on these tires was excellent. When I was a kid, I had been introduced to how good a BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tire’s traction was. This was a supercharged version of that. Seriously, I was able to maintain a speed of 35 to 40 miles per hour while crawling down the path to make it safe.

Are the Fury Country Hunter MT Tires Good?


Looks fantastic

Massive dimensions

Amazing value


It might be a little quieter.

Off-road performance is mediocre.

Fury Tires’ Country Hunter M/T is the company’s most aggressive off-road performance tire. While the brand’s R/T tire is meant for on-road performance with an off-road appearance, the M/T is built for natural off-road grip; nonetheless, we should note that Fury isn’t recognized for its dirt grip.

Despite this, the Country Hunter M/T boasts a lot of useful features. There’s plenty of space between the four enormous lines of tread blocks to allow the tires to grab in and then hurl out any loose dirt, gravel, or mud. Each tread wall has a deep sipe in the center, and the edges are cut to help evacuate rocks that can become lodged in the tread, limiting grip and prematurely wearing the tire.

The tire was created by Fury to be as quiet as possible on the road. The Country Hunter M/T isn’t as quiet as some of its competitors, which is a tough ask for any mud-terrain tire, but it’s not outrageous. Yes, it’s louder than 90% of other tires on the road, but you’re probably not concerned if you’re looking for mud-terrain tires.

While the tire’s design is one of its better characteristics, we’re most impressed by the 3-ply sidewall, which helps prevent cuts on the tire’s fragile sidewalls. This characteristic also aids the tire’s integrity after being inflated and deflated several times. Overall, off-road performance is only average, while the on-road grip is actually rather good.

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What Sizes Do the Fury Country Hunter MT Tires Come In?

Fury is known for making large tires, which is one of their specialties. These tires are available in a variety of sizes, with tire heights ranging from 42″ to 16.5″ and widths ranging from 16″ to 42″. So, if you want to put some huge, meaty tires on your vehicle for maximum performance, Fury allows you to do just that.

How Much Do Fury Country Hunter MT Tires Cost?

A set of these tires costs roughly $1,252. They aren’t the cheapest mud terrain you’ll come across if you do a quick internet search. However, keep in mind that their sizes begin at 33″ and that many other tire makers offer lesser sizes. If you compare the 33″ Country Hunter MT tires to other 33″ mud tires, you’ll discover that they’re very similar.

Where Can I Buy Country Hunter MT Tires?

When you’re upgrading your wheels, there’s no better time to acquire a new pair of tires. Avoid the time, money, and inconvenience of having your wheels and tires mounted and balanced at a local shop. When you buy a set of Anthem wheels and tires together, you get free mounting, balancing, and shipping. You’ll save up to $300 on your package, plus you’ll also get a package-rate discount.


Fury Tires understands what it’s like to enjoy off-roading, as they do as well. Their tires demonstrate their commitment to developing unique off-road driving concepts. We hope that this article is helpful in assisting you in selecting the best tire for your needs.