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Are Firestone Tires Good? All About You Need To Know

Besides having a reliable set of tires, who doesn’t want to save money? Firestore Tires is a brand that strongly focuses on keeping more money inside your pocket by providing one of the best customer services available in the market. And, of course, with grade standard tires to boost.

Therefore, firestone tires are best known for their value pricing, wide variety of tire sizes, and excellent quality. However, Firestone’s tire life warranty is average, performance tire options are limited, and it’s not suitable for every ride.

Firestone and its 100-year history. 

Founded in 1990 in Arkon, a small city in Ohio, Firestone Tires began producing its tires in 1903. It was the first company to introduce nonskid tread tires designed to minimize skidding, which was the new invention of that time. 1911 is the year that signified FIrestone’s popularity; a branch manager suggested backing a racer in the upcoming Indy 500®. The CEO, Harvey Firestone, agreed, and soon after, the Indianapolis 500, which wore a set of Firestone tires, won the competition. 

Firestone’s contribution to World War I 

During World War I, trucks had become an essential part of shipping bulk supplies to the war front. Firestone kickstarted the “ship by truck” movement, which changed the truck forever from being just a niche vehicle to the most used vehicle for transportation. In short, Firestone Tires contributed to the existence of your local delivery services.

Modern era

Firestone Tires continued with their sponsor for the Indy 500 racing championship, winning them another two times in 1996 and 1997. These events bring Firestone Tires further into the industry spotlight. Firestone has become one of the largest tire manufacturers globally, with 8,000 different tires for various vehicles.

Firestone tires and their quality 

Firestone has been the main competitor with other large-scale tire manufacturers like Michelin and Goodyear. Along with time, firestone tires have found its passenger vehicle niche within the share of its parent company Bridgestone. The company also supplies vehicle parts and is a strong choice for day-to-day consumers.

Firestone tires are not just about affordability. Like many other prominent tire companies, Firestone tires follow an evaluation system ( National Highway Traffic Safety). The Uniform Quality Tire Grading system judges the tires based on their treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance. Based on the system, Firestone tires are estimated to last five times longer than the usual standard, with A-rating traction and a higher temperature rating. Firestone tires are also beautiful aesthetically, comfortable and smooth when driving, and super quiet on the road. Overall, Firestone tires offer a balance of capacities for their performance in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. Besides, if you want other car tires that could drive through winter or snow conditions, you should choose Hyundai Elantra. Hence you should know all your questions about them before purchasing.

Firestone tires affordability

Perhaps the main selling point of Firestone tires is their much cheaper price range compared to other tire brands. A set of Firestone tires for a passenger car, such as the Toyota Camry, only costs 105.47 $ per tire. The average price can range from 80 to 120$ each. However, this does not consider each tire’s different models, sizes, and specialities. The driver should also prioritize the warranty over the cost. A more expensive tire can also offer a longer tread life, which will need fewer replacements part in the long run. If you want to choose other low-price and high-quality tires, you should choose Cooper Tires.

To honestly know if a set of Firestone Tires is good, we should review the customer feedback on different models of Firestone. That way, we can clarify how the tires perform and how long they can last on the road.

Positive experience

Firestone tires are reported to never make a sound while going through a corner; their dry traction and wet traction are splendid. Firestone tires felt smooth on the road and performed expectingly well in the rainy season. One customer said that her set of Firestone tires had been hit by two nails and did not lose air or puncture. If your car drives through complex conditions such as muddy or rocky, you should choose Bfgoodrick Ironman tires for the best experience.

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Negative experience

However, Firestone tires are not known for their longevity. One customer reported that his tires ran great at first, then they gradually loosened up when hitting the 20,000 miles mark. The traction started to diminish. The tires gradually lost balance and became uneven.

The Ford/ Firestone controversy.

Firestone, unfortunately, also has its share of controversy, particularly with Ford. It started when Ford began their production of the Explorer in 1990. The Ford engineers offer two options for improving the stability of the Explorer: Lowering the engine; or lowering the tire pressure and stiffening the springs, and they choose the latter option. Ford told Firestone, the major tire supplier for their car, to reduce the tire weight. Their decision to increase the performance of the Ford Explorer by lowering the tire pressure has dire consequences. The tires hold the road much better but worsen the fuel economy. In 1996, a test driver had lost control of an Explorer during lane-change manoeuvres, leading to a 360-degree flip. This event sparked controversy between the two companies, Ford and Firestone. An investigation was started regarding the rising number of accidents because many similar accidents have also occurred in Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Venezuela. Both Ford and Firestone were feuding, accusing each other of their incompetence. Ford blamed Firestone Tires, stating that they did not share the data that determined which tires were problematic. In retaliation, Firestone accused Ford of its refusal to share data about possible Explorer problems. The dispute finally came to an end. However, Ford struggled to maintain their customer’s trust, especially in the safety of their Explorer. And Firestone tires’ reputation was also tainted. The controversy damaged both the companies’ reputations since all it did make them look less responsible to the public. Ford no longer partners with Firestone Tires for tire-making, despite the latter having shown a lot of improvement over the year.


Overall it might be too optimistic about Firestone as the most influential tire maker because of its fair share of controversy. Firestone tires are cheap, but their performance has been sub-par compared to many other well-known franchises. I recommend the Precision Touring tires, which have the most positive comments. It is quiet, acceptable performance-wise, and has a decent life. Another recommendation is the Destination LE2, an excellent tread warranty designed for SUVs and trucks.

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