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All Questions About Tires For Lexus ES350

The Lexus ES350 is a luxury sedan from Japan known for its precise handling and superb smoothness. With a well-finished interior, the Lexus ES350 offers passengers plenty of space and an extremely comfortable and serene driving experience. This impressive feature of the car comes from the engine, the design of the vehicle, and last but not least, the tires. Not only does it satisfy the essentials, but it also enhances the elegance of the ES350. In addition, this is a very reliable car, which means you will hardly have to spend any more money during the use except for changing and maintaining tires. Technically, the best tire for the Lexus ES350 should give you enough traction in most situations, especially the potentially harsh weather you’ll encounter in your resident area.

This article will help answer frequently asked questions about choosing tires for your Lexus ES350.

Is The Lexus ES 350 A Luxury Car?

Lexus ES 350, this vehicle is the ideal combination of a luxurious design with a quiet, comfortable driving experience. This has a unique appeal to many people. In theory, the ES 350 was created to compete directly with high-end sports sedans like the Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-class. However, the ES has reduced the sportiness and focused on being a smooth cruiser with a friendly and pleasant interior. The base model comes with a powerful V-6 four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive, with the option of a fuel-efficient hybrid setup. And then its interior is lined with premium materials, its seats are ergonomically designed for comfort, and it’s packed with tech to assist and entertain the driver. It may not be as sporty as its competitors, but in return, it offers equally luxury while being somewhat lower cost.

What Size Of Tires Does A Lexus ES 350 Have?

The newest models of our luxury sedan are currently being issued with a few different tire sizes depending on which model you’re buying. For reference:

The Lexus ES 350 Base model has 2 tire sizes of choice: 215-55-17 or 235-45-18.

The upgraded version ES 350 F-SPORT is equipped with tires size of P235/40VR17.

Things To Consider When Choosing Tires For Lexus ES350

As we already know by now, the Lexus ES350 is an entirely completed vehicle considering the thoughtful manufacturer’s features. Compiling a list of suitable tire models is not too complicated a process but still requires you to have a certain amount of attention. Here are some fundamental bases that you should refer to:

Check Tire Size

Include parameters such as width, flatness, and wheel size. These pieces of information are clearly noted on the side of the tires. Depending on the model you bought, the size requirements will be different. Please check the user’s manual for the precise number. Other confusing symbols such as R, load index, and speed rate … can be slightly neglected when looking for a replacement tire for the Lexus ES350.

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Tire Durability

Most of today’s manufacturers are looking for different methods to enhance their products’ durability with various impressive and varied technologies. Generally, you can choose durable tires with one or maybe all of the following characteristics: state-of-the-ark rubber material, low rolling resistance, or warranty policies. Also, you might need to consider which terrain or weather you’ll run into with your Lexus ES350. Picking up the proper tire for specific commuting conditions will most likely prolong the tire’s longevity.

Tranquility And Comfort

The driving experience is usually among the reasons why one might choose The Lexus ES350 for their beloved communed vehicle in the first place. It is already a luxury sedan with a near-perfect experience: smooth ride, powerful and comfortable maneuver. Hence, it would be wise to pick soft tires that provide a quiet and relaxing drive experience to take advantage of this luxury car.

How Often Should I Rotate My Tires?

In general, the timing of tire rotation occurs between 5,000 and 7,000 miles. Many vehicles coincidently have tire turning points simultaneously with the oil change, creating an easy reminder for this typical car maintenance routine. In the case of the Lexus ES350, since it’s a 4WD car, its tires should be rotated between 3000 and 5000 miles. However, this number may differ among the variety of tire models you’re picking your tires from. And of course, you can always enquire with the tire vendor for a more specific number.

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How Long Do Lexus Tires Last?

In general, the life of a Lexus tire will be around three years if you typically drive between 12,000-15,000 miles per year. Of course, if your amount of travel is not that much, this number will also be more prominent, even if you may have a slightly more aggressive driving habit. Tire life also depends on the type of tire. A performance tire probably won’t last as long as an all-season tire. In addition, to increase the life of your tires, you should also pay attention to your driving and maintenance habits. Take good care of them, and they will take great care of you. The number will vary greatly depending on it.


This article above mentions all the questions about tires for Lexus ES350 for consumers. The Lexus ES 350 is a luxury sedan best suited by premium tires. When the time for replacement comes, we recommend that you choose from brands with a high reputation, mainly for safety purposes. Although they might go easier on the budget, cheap tires from unknown companies may not offer a driving experience with reliable safety, especially in wet conditions. Yes, the bill for reputable tires might be more pricey. Still, if you carefully consider the information above, this disadvantage will be compensated by a smooth and reliable driving experience. We hope that you have found helpful information in this article to help you ensure the probability of finding the perfect tire that supplies excellent performance, durability, and comfort for your trip. Have a great ride!

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